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About Varied / Student Member Denise19/Female/Sweden Groups :iconchaixianghua: ChaiXianghua
My resolve cannot be swayed!
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1. Answer the questions provided by the deviant who tagged you.
2. Write your own ten questions.
3. Tag ten deviants who will answer them (if they want to).

1. What do you do in your free time and what do you enjoy doing the most? (Doesn't have to be in your freetime)
I daydream about my fantasy stories and hugs my fluffy cat :3

2. Tell me about a movie you like but that's not exactly one of your favorites. What is its strong points? And why doesn't it make it on to you favorites list?
uuum arent those the movies you never remember?.... uummm Frozen is kinda good but its a little bit overrated, the basic idea is good but I feel as if it could have turned out to something way better and thats a pity.

3. Who do you main in smash? B) And if you don't play smash, (or don't main a particular character in it) what is your favorite nintendo game? (You can answer both questions if you want to!)
ehe.... ehum.... yeaaah...... ...

4. What is the funniest quote you can think of?
"Life is wasted on the living" - Douglas Adams in the hitchikers guide to the galaxy.

5. Do you have a favorite youtube video? Please link it! ʕ ≧ Ꮂ ≦ ʔ/

6. Do you like Pokemon?
Omgee by HpWendiz
Dont look at me with that sad teary face ._. Its OK I guess...

7. What's your favorite snack?

8. Do you like puns?
Depends on who tells them

9. What is your favorite mascot character? (Like Mickey Mouse)
Does Buck in Ice Age 3 count?, because he is freaking awesome!

10. Are you watching anything that's currently airing? ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
I dont understand the question ._. I suck at english

My questions!
I do not like cursing people with these things and Im out of imagination and I should be studying so I aint wiritng any own questions :P

unnecessary information: My hair is blue :3


Artist | Student | Varied

Hi there. first off:

::Sounds Exotic:: by mimblewimble

if you like my art and would like to se more visit my tumblr

Now who am I?
I am a 18 year old artist (if I may call myself that) who is obsessed with Soul Calibur and probebly waste my time either playing the game or searching fanart here on Deviantart. I love cookies, cats, paprika, tea, fantasy, writing, drawing, fabilous hats, lays chips, Buck in ice age 3 and I hate garlic, potato dumplings, spiders and rude people.
I do not support the make-up industry.

Oh and this my friend, is the best thing ever written:
What to live by... by PackOfSquirrels

My Idols are: :iconphillydelphy: :iconevs-eme:

:hug: my DA-friends :hug:
:iconkaeporagaebora3: :iconsilverracoon: :iconalessandra2000::icongi1t:
soul calibur pals :hug:
:iconusagimoonrabbit: :iconflorendo09: :iconsyahilla:
:iconphillydelphy: :icondarkomegazeromythos: :icondarkbutterflyofnight:
:iconbaioretto-majo: :iconabsolhunter251: :iconimmediatelight:

My family (real life)
:iconcho-gath: - Little brother
:iconpoppy-nine: - Little sister
:iconronjha94: - Elder sister
:iconavalancherose: - Cousin
:iconmanga-vanda: - Cousin (and bestie)

My favourite deviant artists:
:icondantewontdie: :iconinshoo1: :iconarchvermin: :iconsirtiefling: :iconevs-eme: :iconravietta: :iconphillydelphy: :iconooneithoo: :iconjdarnell: :iconchibi-oneechan: :iconazu-chan: :iconamdhuscias: :iconyytru: :iconeonforgery: :iconkalumis:

If you ever happen to pass by, I order you never to forget these wise words:
Good Reason to Smile by MySweetQueenComplex by MySweetQueenInner Beauty Can't Shine Thru by WRDBNRTime Wasted by WRDBNRDance in the Rain by arhcamtDo what makes you happy ... by aoao2"Plan A" by aoao2Tea Stamp by Kawiku
” The people we call normal are just the people we do not know ”

” Imagination is freedom ”

Keep Calm and.. by InvaderPumpkinQueen
artworks done for me :hug: Thank you everyone!:
Xianghuaish Elexia by SirTiefling REQUEST: Euloria by JELLYEMILYRuben and Love Fon Elden by florendo09
Elexia by Gi1tRequest: LeixiaXTahimik by florendo09Xianghua design outfit by Denise by syahillaElexia - gift for me! by manga-Denise
Chai Xianghua For manga-Denise by alessandra2000Elexia for manga-denise by alessandra2000Request-Runa x Kristian- amazing hug by alessandra2000Pyrrha Alexandra 2P for Manga-Denise by evs-eme
Request: manga-Denise by AznCandyKissmanga-Denise Request by AznCandyKissSoul calibur 2 Chai Xianghua by LillyGameramy en columpio by YumeHimeSanWatchess OC by AlbertRemong
Kitties by ComixThreeSevens

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ComixThreeSevens Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hello. I know, you don't want to see me. Still, I just want to know if you're okay. That's all I ask for. Nothing more than that.
Absolhunter251 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hi! :D  i'm wondering maybe sometime you can give me some coloring advice so i can draw jericho looking awesome! X3 and how are you?
manga-Denise Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Student General Artist
wow sure ^_^ sorry for late reply btw, Im fine ^_^
Hmm well this sounds dumb comming from me since I myself have problems with it but when drawing metal, the contrast between shadows and lights should be very sharp. I kinda like fading shadows so It's been difficult for me to change that. Using references is actually the best way to learn colouring armour. When it comes to hair using thin brushes can help create better hair texture. hmm, I cant think of anything more at the moment. I hope it helped :) you. 
Absolhunter251 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
okay ^^ i'll try, and great to hear your doing fine :)
Jona453 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, your art is outstanding~! :D
Do you do requests or commissions by any chance? 
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