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I was back already on sunday but I havent had energy and dedication enough to write this until now. I had great fun but theres a few things I need to tell you guys before you start asking for the pictures. First of, my Hilde Cosplay broke. Yeah, it was very windy and I had designed it to hold for weather like we had last year which was extreme heat. Therefor the cosplay broke and the hat flew away a few times. Im probebly going to fix it up for a photoshooting from home but I doubt I´ll bring it to another con.

Exciting news are that we built a claptrap that was totally awesome! I cosplayed as Italy from hetalia and a fantastic time with my cousin who was Romano! I saw three soul calibur cosplayers!(Viola, Pyrrha and Talim). We met swedish youtube celebrities MonteFjanton and got to see a preivew of their latest video! I baught a fancy neckless! I met my internetfirend :iconladyventuswill: and she was awesome and had a table where she sold her art and I was suppose to come back again and buy one of them but since I had two siblings and two cousins to keep track of I never had the chance. I'm really sorry I didnt show up again Sandra. My cousin Vanda had some friends who had a table as well and me and my other cousin (Vandas littlesister) :iconavalancherose: said "we should have a table!" and I was like "OMG YES! WE SHOULD SO HAVE A TABLE!!". We´ll see about that though, it would be so freaking cool but considering the hard work and preperations and the fact I already got two new cosplays to work on it will probebly not be next year. But I so wanna do that, it would be so cool!. Someday, in the future, we will so have a table. She cosplayed Coraline btw and I hope she´ll upload some awesome photoes of it here on DA.

Now about my two new cosplays :3 mje he he h eh he.
Okey so this was possibly the most difficult choise I've made recently. Considering I want to cosplay all the following: Cassandra Alexandra, Xianghua (again), Helena, Clementine J Nobleheart, Amy Sorel, more hetalis characters, Elizabeth from bioshock infinitive, Ming-Exie, Euloria, Runa, Viola (soul calibur), Catelyn Stark, and my Guildwars 2 character Ertitifma. I have now chosed to cosplay Margaery Tyrell from the Game of Thrones series and my own character Elexia Von Easterngard. My favourite GoT character is Catelyn Stark but honestly I do belive she would be a rather boring cosplay. Thats why I choosed Margaery who is my second fav character (queen cosplays next year it is! Imma have two toally awesome crowns). Also important to note is that this is a part of a game of thrones group cosplay I will make with my cousin and best friend Vanda and my littlebrother Timmy. Timmy will go as everyones favourite ducheking Joffrey and Vanda will be Deanerys Tyrgarian (hope I got that right spelled probebly not though) also more known as khaleesi (probebly cuz no one can spell her actual name). Heres two pics of the characters in the costumes I´ve chosen: Margaery Tyrell (From Game of Thrones)
Elexia Notebook sketch by manga-Denise Elexia Von Easterngard (From my fantasy comic Neravine, The Unbrekable Blade)
I will modify the Elexia cosplay since its my characters and I have the freedome to do so. It also means Imma make a design more accurate and probebly follow that one in the part of my comic where she will have this outfit.


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Hi there. first off:

::Sounds Exotic:: by mimblewimble

Now time to introduce myself. I am a 19 year old swedish girl with passion for art. After 3 years in upper secondary school studying art I am now currently a first year university student studying history.
I love both art and history so it is probebly not a surprise that I am also a huge fantasy genre enthusiast. But I also enjoy Sci-Fi equally much. Wherever theres an adventure with mystery I´ll be there.

I use a semi realistic manga style composed by inspiration from my favourite artists, even though I do not read much manga nor watch much anime myself... So yes, my user name may be slightly misleading. Other hobbies include sewing, cosplaying, designing, writing and playing incredibly awesome games, mostly Soul Calibur, sims or guildwars 2.

Oh and this my friend, is the best thing ever written:
What to live by... by PackOfSquirrels

My Idols are: :iconphillydelphy: :iconevs-eme:

:hug: my DA-friends :hug:
:iconkaeporagaebora3: :iconladyventuswill: :iconalessandra2000::icongi1t:
soul calibur pals :hug:
:iconusagimoonrabbit: :iconflorendo09: :iconsyahilla::iconphillydelphy: :icondarkomegazeromythos::icondarkbutterflyofnight::iconbaioretto-majo: :iconabsolhunter251: :iconimmediatelight:

Me, my brother and our cousins work together as a group that we call

:iconcho-gath: - My little brother
:iconavalancherose: - My cousin
:iconmanga-vanda: - My cousin and bestie :)

My favourite deviant artists:
:icondantewontdie: :iconinshoo1: :iconarchvermin: :iconsirtiefling: :iconevs-eme: :iconravietta: :iconphillydelphy: :iconooneithoo: :iconjdarnell: :iconchibi-oneechan: :iconazu-chan: :iconamdhuscias: :iconyytru: :iconeonforgery: :iconkalumis:

If you ever happen to pass by, I order you never to forget these wise words:
Inner Beauty Can't Shine Thru by WRDBNRTime Wasted by WRDBNRDance in the Rain by arhcamtDo what makes you happy ... by aoao2'Plan A' by aoao2Tea Stamp by Kawiku
” The people we call normal are just the people we do not know ”

” Imagination is freedom ”
” Why should I live up to other peoples expectations instead of my own ” - Kat Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Keep Calm and.. by InvaderPumpkinQueen
artworks done for me :hug: Thank you everyone!:
Xianghuaish Elexia by SirTiefling :thumb429580840:Ruben and Love Fon Elden by florendo09
Elexia by Gi1tRequest: LeixiaXTahimik by florendo09Xianghua design outfit by Denise by syahillaElexia - gift for me! by manga-Denise
Chai Xianghua For manga-Denise by alessandra2000Elexia for manga-denise by alessandra2000Request-Runa x Kristian- amazing hug by alessandra2000Pyrrha Alexandra 2P for Manga-Denise by evs-eme
Request: manga-Denise by AznCandyKissmanga-Denise Request by AznCandyKissSoul calibur 2 Chai Xianghua by LillyGameramy en columpio by YumeHimeSanWatchess OC by AlbertRemong
Kitties by ComixThreeSevens Till Denise by AvalancheRose(gift) bewinged lover by AvalancheRose

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